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Family health

  • 20 minutes
  • 50 British pounds
  • Online video consultation

Service Description

At Vala we don't view any family as 'typical', but we do view every family as a capable, loving unit, and we believe that family health bridges the gap between individual health on the one hand and public health on the other. Vala support every type of family unit to thrive, grow, learn and stay healthy. How do we approach family health? Many health problems arise and are cared for within the home, and can often be carried out into school, or work. Vala will support you to look after the health of your home, even if you just need ad-hoc advice for something that might be worrying you. We also believe that the health of your family needs to be tailored to the specific functions/stages of family life: family planning and reproductive health, maternal and child health, school health, adolescent health, adult health, health of old people. Vulnerable families also deserve special attention, with preventive activities as upstream as possible in order to avoid—or at least to minimise—the health consequences of stress, disease, violence, as well as the breakdown of the family. If you would like support, advice, and care with your families health and wellbeing, book an appointment with Vala for advice. Because we’re Vala, and because you get unlimited appointments, even if you just feel a bit “confused” and want some support to start feeling a bit more informed, we’re always here to guide you through. We fully understand that: The health of one member affects the welfare of other members in the family. Every family is unique and it is affected by every aspect of community life. As a health service provider, we must understand family ways, traditions, customs and the beliefs of the family. Life-cycle focused care Like every human being, every family goes through a life-cycle where its various functions develop at different rhythms. Of the diverse dimensions used in describing the family, we focus on the life-cycle concept because it is particularly useful in providing you a framework for understanding the dynamics of how the family group affects the health and well-being of its members and how the health and well-being of its members affect the health of the family. Our family life-cycle perspective helps us create different intervention and support approached by considering various phases of the family life-cycle starting from early neonate to old age.

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