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Back in 2017 a super smart team of clinicians and developers realised there was a better way to do health. They believed a healthcare company could be run without all the waiting around, or the walk-in clinics. And that it could be powered by members, not patients, who would get rewarded for staying healthy, and engaging in their health in a totally different way.

The word Vala comes from Scandinavian Mythology. It means a person who is a spokesperson of some doctrine, cause, or movement. Or a person who foretells future events. Now, we can't foretell the future, but we can use all the data, and wisdom of our clinicians and our members to try and stop your future being unhealthy!

We like to think of Vala as a service that 'creates health' rather than 'cures illness'. But of course, we can do all the curative stuff as well, because our team have all come from established healthcare settings.

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